Kommer aldrig att glömma

alwaysmybiebs:  Take a look at these pictures.  These were taken the day of Justin’s birthday as he was leaving a restaurant with his girlfriend.  There were hundreds of paparazzi’s swarming them.  The looks on their faces is heartbreaking.  He is 17 and she is 18 and the fact that they can’t even go out together for his birthday without having not only paparazzi but also fans harassing and stalking them is ridiculous.  They were both on the verge of crying, you can see it on their faces.  Selena looks like she is having a mental breakdown.  She is the only thing he has right now, other than his family.  His fans are turning their back on him because they don’t “approve” of the girl he is in love with.  You want to know the reason he isn’t smiling in fan photos?  It’s because you guys beg and beg and even when he says not right now, because he just want’s a little time to himself for once, you keep on following him till you get that picture.  Some of you are really selfish.  Let them be happy, please. 
Den här dagen... #sorryjustin #truebelieber

Postat av: halli hallo

vad hände den dagen??

2011-04-01 @ 19:21:43

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